Inclusion & Diversity

Why are we here? Because our employees are. Because you are.

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The identity (ID) of our each and every one of our employees makes us who we are and makes our global company of over 40,000-plus employees stronger because of it. We are in the business of providing essentials for a better life, for everyone, everywhere.

Inclusion Starts Here

At Kimberly-Clark, treating individuals with respect is the way we do business and the way we lead our industry and our world. We’re building an organization that looks and thinks like our customers around the world and searching for talented people with different perspectives and varied backgrounds. People like you.

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What we do.

We’ve created four Purpose Pillars to help our K-C community quickly understand what we do in order to adopt and help enact our mission across our company .

Create Community

It’s you that makes us.

Develop a community that empowers authenticity and embraces diversity by deepening understanding and activating daily actions to drive inclusion.

Empower Employees

Grow people to their potential.

Empower talent to thrive and aggressively strive to hire, promote and develop talent that reflects our diverse consumer base.

Leverage Leadership

Infuse inclusion from the top down.

Leverage our leadership and hold them to a higher standard as cultural enablers who build high-performing, diverse teams and infuse inclusion into how we work and make business decisions.

Accelerate Action

Make an Immediate Impact.

Integrate I&D into everything that we do, using our strength to combat inequities for our people, our consumers and our communities around the world – to make lives better today and tomorrow.

Being You Means We Can Be Us

Inclusion is much more than a thought or concept. It’s the culmination of daily interactions that makes us stronger, fuels our innovation and deeply connects us to each other and our consumers. Everyone wants to feel valued and respected, and we’re determined to operate in an inclusive and bias-free workplace. Kimberly-Clark holds regular Town Hall meetings where any employee can ask questions of executives and make their voice heard. We also host global conversations about racism, bias, and other important topics. Our 10 Employee Resource Groups foster professional development, social connectivity, and celebrate diversity throughout Kimberly-Clark. Explore these volunteer associations, which are open to all K-C employees.

Employee Resource Group

Asian Professionals for Excellence

APEX’s mission is to enhance and promote members’ professional development, raise awareness of Asian culture, and bridge cultural gaps to enrich Kimberly-Clark and benefit our customers.

African Ancestry Employee Network

AAEN provides opportunities for networking and professional development in support of corporate objectives. It aims to increase Black unity by building upon one another’s strengths and aspires for Kimberly-Clark to be an employer of choice for Black talent at every level.

Capabilities First

Capabilities First focuses on pathways to success for current and future employees with disabilities and on creating an open and seamless environment.

Family Caregivers Network

Family Caregivers Network provides information, support, and advocacy for family caregiving issues to improve the attraction, retention, and efficacy of our employees.

Latin American Network for Diversity

LAND aims to build talent through personal and professional development while elevating awareness of Hispanic culture in our workplace.

New Employee Opportunity Network

NEON attracts, retains, and develops new hires through encouraging teamwork, networking, and leadership.

Parents Interactive Network

PIN assists parents and guardians in their efforts to balance work-home life, enhance their careers, and add value to our business.

Network for LGBTQ+ Employees

PRIDE offers support to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) employees and contributes to education and training about GLBT issues.

Service Alliance Uniting Together

SALUTE harnesses the unique experiences of veterans and their passionate supporters by recruiting and retaining top veteran talent and giving back to our communities.

Women’s Inclusion Network

Achieve a gender parity workplace by championing and developing women’s talents so that Kimberly-Clark achieves its full potential.