Kimberly Clark Employees Discovering Original Thinker Types

Original Thinker Types

Success doesn’t come from being like everyone else. It comes from fresh thinking that questions the status quo, which requires original thinkers – maybe like you?

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Decoding Original Thinking

We developed the Original Thinker types by identifying four groups of thinking styles. Then, we identified the types of thinkers within each group to accommodate all the beautiful ways that people contribute to new ideas and make things happen. Read more.

The Visionaries Thinker Type Icons Visionaries Type Test Tube

The Visionaries

Look far in the future and dare to dream big: Dreamers and Inventors

Builder Type Magnifying Glass Builders Type Blueprint

The Builders

Dive deep to understand the why and how and make things better: Analyzers and Makers.

Connectors Type Lightbulb with Wings Connectors Type Tool Kit

The Connectors

Connect the dots and bring different topics and groups together: Adaptors and Muses

Challenger Type Mega Phone Challenger Type Spray Paint

The Challengers

Think outside of the box and break existing conventions: Nonconformists and Disrupters.